This product is a testament to the harmonious blend of time-honored methods and modern scientific advancements. Crafted through a labor-intensive and meticulous hot extraction process, it distills the essence of herbal extracts, marrying ancient Chinese herbal wisdom with contemporary techniques. Natural ingredients are concentrated into a rich, restorative paste, ensuring the preservation of the nutrients and efficacy of the herbal complex. The product features a vegan, non-irritating formula that is suitable for everyone, transforming each brushing session into a soothing ritual with its soft gel texture that spreads lightly to create a fine, dense foam.

Embodying the core principles of traditional Chinese medicine, it carefully selects five rare herbs known for their foundational nourishing properties. Mulberry leaves, abundant in Vitamin C and essential nutrients, are included to balance internal heat and stabilize the oral environment. Additionally, natural mint extract is used to deeply purify the mouth, eliminating bad odors and ensuring fresh breath.

│A Decade of Herbal Expertise – Restoring Natural Authenticity – Exclusive Research and Development by BASHIDO│
Every product has undergone thousands of tests by the BASHIDO Research Center team, adhering to the strictest Vegan standards. Our natural plant-based formulas do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Using high-grade natural materials combined with our exclusive herbal complex, we craft products that preserve the gentle conditioning properties of herbs and maintain pure vegan components.

  • Traditional Herbal Hot Extraction Method
  • Herbal Complex in Paste Form
  • Vegan and Environmentally Friendly
  • Retains the Gentle Conditioning Properties of Herbs
  • Certified by SGS Inspection to Meet National Standards


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